Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Monday, February 21

Dollar today: how much is the foreign currency trading for this Friday, June 10

After several bullish rounds, the prices of the dollar in the official market they scored their second streak of stability of the week, as in the parallel. For its part, the Central Bank (BCRA) closed Thursday with a slightly positive intervention after acquiring 2 million dollars to add to its coffers. In this way, the accumulated purchases of the month rise to 17 million dollars.

This Friday, June 10, the dollar official is offered on the boards of Banco Nación (BNA) at the same price as Tuesday: $120.65 for the purchase and $126.65 for the sale. While in private banking, foreign currency It is achieved at an average of $127 for the sale per unit, a value that can vary depending on the bank.

The wholesale dollar also dawns stable: it is bought at $121.08 and it is sold at $121.28 for each ticket.

In the case of dollar solidarity, the regulated retail currency that is made up of the official value and includes 30% of the COUNTRY Tax and 35% of the advance to Income Tax, at this time of the morning, it is obtained at the same sale value as last Tuesday: at $208.97 for each ticket.

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