They promote campaign "Give the tail to your garbage" in Caracas

They promote campaign “Give the tail to your garbage” in Caracas

The Ministry of People’s Power for Ecosocialism reported that through the Brigades Against Climate Change, they were deployed in various points of Caracas to strengthen the campaign “Give the tail to your trash.”

This was indicated by the Ecosocialism portfolio through the publication of a video on the social network Twitter @MinecOficial, where it highlighted: “Several attached entities accompanied by the Brigades Against Climate Change, were deployed at various points”-

In the audiovisual, he pointed out that the program includes sanitation and an awareness day in each of the prioritized spaces, such as the Caricuao Zoo, Alí ​​Primera Park, Los Caobos Park, the Warairarepano Cable Car, and Generalissimo Francisco Park. of Miranda.

The deployment totaled 11,047 people between Minec servers and attached agencies, Park Rangers and Forest Firefighters of the National Parks Institute (Inparques), Tree Guardians, Brigades against Climate Change, volunteers, social movements, eco-socialist movements and other organizations.

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The ecosocialists were present in 44 national parks and in the same number of recreational ones; in 38 Natural Monuments, 35 rivers, 19 beaches and three zoos, from which 68,754 kilograms of solid waste were collected.

The mobilization achieved 1,099 communicational meetings, 80 community meetings, 119 cultural events, 384 sports days, 739 environmental ecological moments and 402 were recreational, information from the Minec web portal.


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