Mujica proposes lowering food prices for the most needy and not for those who can pay

Mujica proposes lowering food prices for the most needy and not for those who can pay


In the last few hours, the former president analyzed the increase in prices of products in the basic food basket and the different proposals that have emerged to mitigate the situation.

The government has promoted the reduction of VAT for one month on roast beef, pasta and baked goods.

For its part, both the Broad Front and Open Cabildo have agreed to extend the VAT exemption to 19 products in the food basket. In addition, the FA proposes that the tax be removed for six months.

While the Center for Retail Storekeepers, Baristas, Self-Servicists and Related of Uruguay (CAMBADU) agreed with the Canelones Municipality the fractional sale of non-perishable food in small businesses and for a period of 180 days. Such an agreement could also be extended to Montevideo.

For the weakest

Mujica said – in an interview on Universal Radio’s Meeting Point – that a global loss is impossible.

In this sense, he stated that the battery should be concentrated “in favor of the weakest, because otherwise a global measure ends up benefiting people who can pay.”

“There are sectors that are not going to stop eating, nor are they going to suffer. Having differentiated policies is having justice. Having generalized politics means that the means that are going to be available are very little and are actually going to include people who can breathe despite the difficulties, ”he remarked.

Fractionated foods

Regarding the possibility of enabling the fractional sale of products in small businesses, I propose that the Congress of Mayors will analyze so that the measure is carried out throughout the country, Mujica replied that “it is raining on wet.”

“The neighborhood bowling alley has been fractional for a while. It is good that they authorize what is really happening,” he said.

On the other hand, Mujica considered that the increase in prices “is not only due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.”

“You don’t have to put all the blame on the war in Ukraine, many things are a rebound from the decisions made by the central world,” he said.

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