They program a measure of coercion for a woman who simulated hanging her daughter

They program a measure of coercion for a woman who simulated hanging her daughter

The Office of Permanent Attention of the Judicial District of La Vega scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, the request hearing for measure of coercion against a woman who simulated hang his two-year-old daughter. The incident was recorded in a video that circulated on social networks.

The process will be known from 9:00 in the morning.

The Public Ministry asks the court for 12 months of preventive detention against the accused, 28 years old. Her name is omitted to protect the integrity of the infant.

The body accuses her of incurring in violation of the articles 2, 295, 296, 297, 303, 309-2 of the Penal Codethat constitutes attempted murder, acts of torture and barbarism and domestic violencer. In addition, it violates articles 396 literals A and B of law 136-3.

The file indicates that the defendant tried to hang the girl with a sheet, at a time when they were at her residence, in a sector of that city. The woman recorded the action with her mobile phone and later sent the video to relatives of the victim.

In the film that can be seen when the woman commits the act, while shouting in an angry tone and as a warning: “That, that’s what he wants… he achieved it.”

The lady was arrested in flagrante delicto on April 17, around 12:35 at night.

The head prosecutor of La Vega, Aura Luz García Martínez, described preventive detention as the ideal measure and proportional to the facts, in addition to the fact that she understands that it is the only one that would guarantee the presence of the accused to all the acts of the process.

He said that they have collected, in the course of the investigation, different documentary, expert, audiovisual, material and testimonial evidence with which he supports the coercion request.

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