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They present security projects: they include radars and airspace

Senator Fernando Silva Facetti presented this week two national security projects, which include the regulation of airspace and the use of primary radars.

One of the legislative proposals that also bears the signature of other legislators, proposes the modification of articles 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th of Law No. 5400/2015 `Surveillance and protection of Paraguayan airspace’.

The intention is to enable the Paraguayan air forces to shoot down aircraft that infringe the airspace. A series of prior procedures are established to make said determination.

“We believe it is urgent to provide the security forces with a legal framework in order to protect our territorial sovereignty, taking into account that criminal groups are using this route to bring cocaine into our country, using it as a collection center for shipment to European countries. ”, states the explanatory statement.

The second project is the one that implements the mandatory acquisition and commissioning of fixed primary radars with a range to cover and protect the entire national airspace.”

The objective is to establish effective control of the entire national airspace, in order to prevent the irregular entry of aircraft, which may be involved in the illicit trafficking of narcotic substances and everything related to organized crime and related crimes.

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