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They premiere “My beautiful island” with three voices: Alexis Valdés, Haydée and Pablo Milanés

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The theme “My beautiful island”, composed by the Cuban actor, presenter and comedian Alexis Valdes as a tribute to his homeland, it was presented this Thursday on social networks and music platforms.

For his recording, Valdés invited Haydée Milanés and Pablo Milanes in the interpretation of this song of nostalgia for the island of Cuba, the “big house” of the author and of Cubans.

“Alexis invited my father, Pablo Milanes and me to collaborate with him on this song, and what we did not imagine is that this would be the last time we would unite our voices to sing”, Haydée commented on her Facebook wall.

For his part, from the networks of Pablo Milanés it is explained that around the year 2021, Valdés invited Pablo so that, together with his daughter, they would interpret the theme.

“Pablo always admired and loved Alexis very much and he immediately included that request in a long list of collaborations that so many friends and young musicians kept asking him for. This recording, musically arranged by Dayhan Díaz, could be accompanied by an audiovisual work by Karoll William Visual Arts, which makes Alexis’s text further magnify the song, Cuba, his longing and his always-desired return,” it reads.

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“The song talks about feelings that affect each Cuban; the love for our island, its colors, the memory of our experiences, our customs, our childhood games. But this song also speaks of the feeling and the most heartbreaking fact of all, that of not being able to return to your land”, added Haydée.

“Originally the theme was planned only with me and Haydée. Pablo really liked the verses, and when they sent me the recorded part of him, I was shocked, ”said Alexis Valdés.

“I was also very impressed by Haydée’s part, with an extraordinary feeling and beauty. It is a song that I think the three of us sing with our souls”, added the author, quoted by efe.

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“My beautiful island”, distributed by Puntilla Music, is “a romantic song” and shows “another side” by Alexis Valdés“who usually sings livelier and more humorous songs”, details the record company.

“I did not think that the day I saw the Karoll William Visual Arts video with my father would be the day we said goodbye forever. I get a lump in my throat when his voice enters, that voice that seems like a heart that sings to you. I keep thinking when I hear ‘I miss you, Cuba’, the last phrase that we curiously sing; what a deep feeling, so personal and at the same time so widespread throughout the world… I did not think when we recorded this song that its text would make so much sense to me”, wrote Haydeé Milanés.

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