Armed man caused panic in Medellín by trying to enter the Palace of Justice

Armed man caused panic in Medellín by trying to enter the Palace of Justice

According to the first versions that have been known about the fact, the man would have arrived in search of a prosecutor and without a prior appointment. Seeing that he was denied entry to the compound, the man drew a weapon and intimidated the people who were in the place.

The events occurred around 6:20 p.m. in the José Félix de Restrepo building, Palace of Justice of Medellin. According to some versions, several people who were in the place were intimidated with the weapon.

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Witnesses to the event highlighted that the subject reached the building in search of a prosecutorwho is one of the managers of the Organized Crime Directorate area of ​​the Prosecutor’s Office, not having access to the place and to the official, the subject drew the weapon.

When this situation arises, people had to be evacuated from the Palace of Justice to guarantee their safety and the man left the place, later the Police carried out a search to verify the security cameras and try to identify this person.

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Another version indicates that it is an activist who is around the facilities permanentlyTherefore, progress is being made in the full identification of this person in order to find his capture.

Finally, sources from the Judicial Branch indicated that the building was inspected by security agencies, and that, furthermore, there were no people detained by this armed person.

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