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They predict a weekend with warm weather and cloudy skies in Santa Cruz

After the registered electrical storm, how does the weekend look?

March 31, 2023, 3:51 PM

March 31, 2023, 3:51 PM

From the Information and Communication System (SIC) of the Departmental Service for Industry and Commerce of the Government they predict un weekend with warm weather and slightly cloudy skies in Santa Cruz.

Fernando Kuscevic, director of the Departmental Service for Industry and Commerce of the Government, reported that the weekend the winds will be calm, oscillating to the south with slightly cloudy skies and probabilities of light rains mainly on Saturday, April 1.

The minimum temperature in the Valleys will be 15ºC and the maximum of 26ºC; while in Chiquitania the minimum is expected to be 22°C and the maximum is 32°C. For the rest of the provinces, minimums of 20°C and maximums of 30ºC are expected.

Kuscevic announced that for next week the winds will be from the north, entering the south on wednesdayApril 5, with cloudy skies and rain, under a temperate climate.

The thermometer in the Santa Cruz Valleys can reach 14ºC and the maximum at 18ºC; very different from the temperatures expected in Chiquitania with lows of 19°C and highs of 27°C, while for the rest of the provinces there will be lows of 18°C ​​and highs of 26°C.

The director highlighted that in the meteorological work of the departmental Service of Industry and Commerce in the Cordillera province, a third meteorological station installed in Charagua is being tested and that soon there will be other stations in Boyuibe and Gutiérrez, in order to provide more information to the population.

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