They plan a new port for cruise ships

The Municipal Government of Montevideo and the national government are studying a project for the construction of a new port, a new urban promenade, a new passenger terminal for the crossing with Buenos Aires and a new dock for the arrival of tourist cruise ships.

As reported by Underlined (channel 10), “the private investment megaproject is for the Mauá Dam area and is making its way to the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) and the Municipality of Montevideo (IMM), with a favorable opinion. of President Luis Lacalle Pou and the mayor of the capital, Carolina Cosse”,

As participants in the negotiations told Underlined “the work, which is in the process of being processed by the agencies and will lead to a public tender, includes a real estate development with works that generate a large number of jobs.”

“In the national government they consider it necessary to remove all passenger operations from the Port of Montevideo, whether it is what Buquebus transports between the capitals of the Río de la Plata or the arrival of tourist cruise ships, because the safety regulations indicate that it is not convenient that this coexists with the operations of foreign trade and the transport of merchandise and container logistics », it was indicated.

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