PC affirms that negligence should be investigated in corruption cases

PC affirms that negligence should be investigated in corruption cases

For the coordinator of Citizen Participation in the Super Tucano and Odebrecht corruption cases, where most of the defendants were acquitted, negligence was committed by the team in charge of these processes, which, he said, must be investigated by the current authorities. of the Public Ministry.

“Allowing the Super Tucano and Odebrecht cases to go to trial without the corresponding evidence, despite having a written commitment to deliver the same by both companies (which admitted giving bribes in exchange for awards), reveals a clear obstruction. to justice and, in the least of the cases, a gross negligence that must be investigated by the current authorities of the Public Ministry”, Joseph Abreu specified yesterday when speaking with the press.

During the press conference offered by the civic movement in relation to these judicial processes, such as the Three Arms, where a court released the accused from going to trial, Abreu stated that with this the justice system has failed.

He indicated that the acquittal sentence issued in favor of all the defendants in the Super Tucano case, and he has no place in the Los Tres Brazos case, are added to the Odebrecht file (where there were two convicted and four discharged) “in the same path of impunity that our country has always followed, leaving the justice system in a very bad position.”

For your consideration, the decisions on these three cases occur at a time when “snipers have been installed who intend to disqualify Judge Miriam German Brito, despite the fact that these files, as well as the precarious prison situation that exists in the country, They were not your responsibility.” “Her criticism is intended to pressure her into giving up her position,” she said.

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