They painted a wall on the Malvín boulevard pink and the Intendancy warned that there could be sanctions

The Municipality of Montevideo issued a statement this Saturday in relation to a wall on the Malvín boulevard that was painted pink as a form of propaganda for the referendum of the Law of Urgent Consideration, identified with the pink color of the Yes ballot.

“Given the verification of graffiti in public spaces outside the regulations, the Municipality of Montevideo reiterates that Any form of intervention or advertising of any kind that is not carried out in the places and through the means authorized by the departmental regulations, are expressly prohibited.“Says the text published by the commune on its social networks along with photographs of an official trying to remove the pink paint from the wall with a pressure washer.

“From the early hours of the morning our teams are on site working to clean the walls. We will continue working throughout the day,” they reported.

The message from the mayor calls for the preservation of public space “being able to apply sanctions to those who do not comply with the regulations provided for in the current legal system.

According to the statement, it is prohibited to place advertising and propaganda, especially on trees, pavements of sidewalks and roads, street lighting columns, waste containers, squares, parks, beaches, public buildings, cemeteries, monuments and works of art, or on any other component. of urban furniture and public decoration.

Finally, it communicates that complaints can be made in these situations by telephone 1950 5000.

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