They murdered a man in Villa Española; he was shot more than 10 times

The Police investigate the homicide of a man who appeared dead on the street in the Villa Española neighborhood, with the impact of more than a dozen bullets. The body was located behind a dumpster in the corner of February 20 and Agaces.

This was reported by Telemundo and confirmed to The Observer with official sources. Police found the man, who has not yet been identified, after receiving several calls reporting shots fired in the area.

The agents who went to the place managed to see a person who was walking away quickly with a firearm in his hand. When he did not stop, the policemen fired shots at him trying to stop him, without success.

A survey carried out by The Observer indicates that, in this case, May adds 38 homicides, when there are 24 hours left until the end of the month.

This last weekend, in particular, eight homicides were registered between Saturday and Sunday (five in Montevideo, two in Artigas and one in Canelones). One of the latest episodes occurred on Sunday night, in Piedras Blancas, when two criminals shot from a motorcycle at an 18-year-old boy and a 60-year-old man, who died after being hospitalized urgently.

Hours before a merchant had been murdered and his wife was also injured in an attempted robbery of his store, located in the vicinity of Volta and Newton, in Peñarol. On Saturday night, a man had also lost his life in the neighborhood, in the vicinity of the Olimpo club, after being attacked by two criminals.

That neighborhood was the one that registered the highest number of homicides so far this month, with a total of seven murders. This series of violent events led a group of neighbors to mobilize demanding more security in the area.

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