They manage the rector of the UASD to receive students who want 3 semesters

They manage the rector of the UASD to receive students who want 3 semesters

The minister of higher education, Science and Technology(MescyT), Franklin García Fermín, manages that the rector of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Emma Polanco, receives the young people who represent the movement Active Uasdian Youth and who request that the academy impart three semesters of teaching per year.

The minister met with the students who asked him to intervene so that it becomes a reality that the UASD imparts three semesters as do private sector universities.

“You have the ideal opportunity to remove from our university and from our university youth that feeling of abandonment and hopelessness that invades us and to stop them at the same time by feeling support and hope in a better future,” said Luisandel Espinal González, representing the bachelors.

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García Fermín sent a letter to the rector Emma Polanco requesting that she receive the students so that they can discuss their request.

Some 15,000 high school graduates enrolled in the state university have signed a document through which they request the authorities that, like the other universities in the system, be taught at the UASD three semesterswhich would allow students to complete their careers in less time.

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