10-year-old girl dies after being shot

They locate the body of a young woman who was abused

The body corresponding to Valeria Altagracia Geizzelez Rivero (20), who had been missing since last Monday, was located on Tuesday in the Curva del Pato sector, Los Puertos de Altagracia, Zulia.

The body presented approximately 10 bullet wounds and signs of having been sexually abused, according to police reports. Valeria suffered from Down syndrome.

Regional police officers were alerted by neighbors who saw the body at the entrance to a garbage dump and proceeded to guard the place until the Cicpc officials they lifted it with due protocol.

Last Monday was the last time the girl’s relatives saw her alive, when she told her mother that she was going to the Los Jobitos sector.

The scientific police began the investigations with several interrogations of relatives and neighbors of the murdered young woman.

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