Broad Front will request the resignation of the director of Intelligence after file for leaks

Broad Front will request the resignation of the director of Intelligence after file for leaks

The bench of Deputies of the Broad Front will ask this afternoon that the request for the resignation of the director of the State Strategic Secretariat, Álvaro Garcé, be included as a political issue in the lower houseas confirmed by sources from the left to The Observer. The initiative comes after prosecutor Gilberto Rodríguez filed the case of the Intelligence Plan leak during a secret session on October 24 in Parliament.

The bench called a press conference this afternoon at 7:15 p.m. The hierarch had presented at the meeting on October 24, before ten legislators, without a written record or Parliament officials, the National Intelligence Plan. The disclosure of a fragment of that content by MVD Noticias led Garcé to file a criminal complaint and Parliament to initiate an internal investigation.

If, declared both the complainant Garcé as the news director of TV City, Eduardo Preve. Also, Prosecutor Rodríguez went to Parliament to take a statement to the president of the commission where the plan was presented in October, lobbyist senator Raúl Lozano.

The disclosure of the document and the suspicion that it had left Parliament generated the reaction of the first line of the Executive Power. Garcé assured that the leak “bare the country naked” and President Luis Lacalle Pou described it as a “sabotage” that was done to “harm the government.”

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, meanwhile, went a little further and assured that if a parliamentarian was responsible for the leak “He should be expelled because he violated the oath.” Defense Minister, Javier García, described the leak as “treason”, an adjective with which Lacalle agreed Pou.

The Broad Front came to the intersection of the Intelligence chief after the Prosecutor’s Office found differences between the leaked document and the one that Garcé took to the public prosecutor’s office and that he said he had presented in Parliament. One of them was that the text published by Preve it was numbered and had 14 pages while the one that Garcé brought to the prosecution was numbered but had 15 pages.

There were also differences regarding who each of the documents was addressed to and in other details such as the name of Garcé and his position (in one of them the full name of the head of the Intelligence Secretariat appeared). In any case, the content of the document was broadly the same.

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