They launch a new “credit without a name” online to promote the digitization of more Peruvians

They launch a new “credit without a name” online to promote the digitization of more Peruvians

Since the start of the pandemic by Peru advanced five years in digitization due to the high demand for virtual financial solutions.

One consequence of this situation is that the “nameless credit”a product that is characterized by a fast disbursement that is credited to the client’s savings account and is generally used for personal expenses.

This was pointed out by Liliana Lescano Albán, head of Products at Piura Boxwho noted that the microfinance promotes the digitization of more Peruvians, with the campaign the “nameless credit”a product that offers a preferential interest rate of up to 12.20%.

To access the loan, the client needs a fixed-term savings account in the institution, a credit rating of 100% in the financial system and an active card to carry out operations.

Liliana Lescano said that the regions North, northeast Y Lime they are the ones that registered the greatest demand for virtual services. But he pointed out that it is important to establish public policies, financing strategies and encourage the collaboration of the private entity to expand digitization in rural and remote areas of the country.

“We need to work on reducing the gaps for internet access and the purchase of technological equipment, as well as providing training for the use of virtual financial services”Lescano emphasized.

He also added that the entity offers other digital financial alternatives such as fixed-term guarantee credit and pledge credit.

“Both products can be requested quickly and safely through our Caja Piura internet channel, which is available on the institution’s website or application”concluded the executive.

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