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They kill a woman in Abai: they presume that it is a femicide

A woman was found dead at her home located in the town of Abaí, in the department of Caazapá. Although it is not confirmed that it is a femicide, the researchers also do not rule out that it could be a murder under that figure.

The victim was identified as Elva Bogado Riveros, 38, who was found by relatives at the side of her bloody bed with no signs of life.

“We still cannot talk about femicide. The door of the house was not forced. We still do not have a suspect, we are at an early stage of the investigation,” said Noncommissioned Officer Carlos Baeza, head of the Abaí Police Station, in contact with 780 AM.

The uniformed officer said that the relatives did not speak of a couple per se, but sporadically a man visited her.

“She lived alone, after the pandemic she set up a business. She has 11 wounds, on the chest, neck and arm, nothing was missing from the house, ”she added.

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