They judge a former commissioner who was a fugitive for 5 years for the crime of a young man in Lanús

They judge a former commissioner who was a fugitive for 5 years for the crime of a young man in Lanús

The victim Nicolás Vázquez who died after being shot. Photo: Facebook.

A former Buenos Aires police commissioner who was a fugitive for five years for the murder of Nicolás Vázquez, A young man executed with a bullet in the neck while trying to steal a football shirt from a sportswear store of the Lanús party, in 2013, will be tried from this Tuesday in the Courts of Lomas de Zamora, judicial sources reported this Sunday.

Is about Hector Alejandro Amarilla (60), who appeared on the list of most wanted persons of the Ministry of Security of the Nation, which came to offer a reward of 500,000 pesos for whoever provided information that would allow his capture.

Judicial sources informed Télam that the former commissioner will be prosecuted from this Tuesday for the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 3 of Lomas de Zamora that at least the hearing is scheduled for that day and another for Thursday, February 24.

The trial prosecutor will be Viviana Giorgi and the victim’s family, constituted as a damaged individual, will be represented by the lawyer Marina Pirro; while the accused will be sponsored by a group of ex-police officers.

Amarilla, who at the time of the incident was the head of the second branch of Lanús, he was a fugitive since September 25, 2014 and he had a national and international arrest warrant ordered by the Court of Guarantees 5 of the Judicial Department of Lomas de Zamora, for “qualified homicide due to his status as a police officer”, which provides for a life sentence.

The crime of Vázquez (18) was committed in September 2013, although the capture of the former commissioner was ordered a year later at the request of Prosecutor 8 of Lomas de Zamora, Nicolás Kazewski, who took charge of the case.

The Former police officer was caught on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at an address located on Calle San Martín at 4500from the town of Rafael Calzada, district of Almirante Brown, which was attended by members of the Unified Command of Forces for the Recapture of Evaders (Cufre) of the National Gendarmerie, committed to the Search Program, promoted by the Security portfolio.

The arrest was carried out during an emergency search carried out by the investigators after learning that Amarilla was at that address.

Investigators knew that the former commissioner had fled to Paraguay, although they learned that one of his daughters had a baby and there was a possibility that he would come to the country to meet him.

For this reason, a surveillance was set up in a home, in which the gendarmes finally broke in when they saw Amarilla’s wife and daughter arrive at the place.

The crime

The alleged incident occurred on September 25, 2013 at 9 de Julio and Oncativo, in Lanús, when Vázquez tried to steal a soccer jersey from a sportswear store. and, according to the investigation, Amarilla -who was working there as a security employee- He ran and killed him with a shot to the neck.

The policeman ended up with a bullet in the leg and said at that time that Vázquez had shot him.

As determined in the investigation, the young man had tried on several shirts and left the premises with one of them on, without paying.

However, the relatives of the victim assured that the police chased him and 150 meters from the place he executed him with a shot to the neck, despite the fact that the young man was not armed.

Although at first a first prosecutor who was in charge of the investigation believed the version of the then commissioner, with the incorporation of different ballistics reports and the change of the prosecutor (Kazewski took charge of the file a year after the fact), the chief police officer went from being a victim to being accused.

The investigators determined that Amarilla had shot himself in the leg with a gun with the numbers filed off to fake a supposed shootout with the murdered young man and make believe that it was a homicide in legitimate defense.

To endorse his statements, he handed over his service weapon and the other one of illegal origin, which he tried to pass off as belonging to Vázquez.

However, with the progress of the investigation the judicial investigators obtained more evidence that compromised the policeman, who was exonerated from the force and charged with murder.

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