Grandmothers warned that the repressor Donda will hold a speech "typical of the dictatorship"

They investigate the repressor Adolfo Donda for the appropriation of his niece Victoria

The Federal Criminal Oral Court (TOF) number 6 of Comodoro Py will investigate ex-marine Adolfo Miguel Donda in the oral and public trial that is being followed for the appropriation of his niece, the returned granddaughter and current Inadi controller, Victoria Donda Pérez .

The transmission can be followed by streaming on the page of the Power of attorney and for the information site the rearguard.

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The investigation before the TOF 6, made up of Ricardo Basilico, Daniel Horacio Obligado and Gabriela López Iñíguez, will be carried out starting at 10 this Monday with a mixed modality that will combine face-to-face and virtual reality.

The plaintiff lawyers of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, in that trial, foresee that the repressor will deny “any type of responsibility” for the facts that are charged to him.

“Most likely, he will maintain the line of the previous statements, which is to deny any type of responsibility for the facts,” he analyzed in dialogue with Télam Carolina Villella, a plaintiff lawyer for Abuelas in this case.

On May 28, 1977, María Hilda “Cori” Pérez was kidnapped when she was five months pregnant in the western area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs by members of the Air Force, and, in August of the same year, she was transferred to ESMA, where she gave birth. to a girl whom he called Victoria, who was later appropriated by the prefect Juan Antonio Azic, who together with Donda joined one of the ESMA Task Groups.

This trial is a new section of the case in which the existence of a Systematic Plan for the Appropriation of Minors was proven. and led to the conviction of Azic for the Victoria case.

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