Indagan heridas a un joven de RD

They investigate injuries to a young man from the DR

Madrid. EFE. The Spanish Police investigate the attack on a 20-year-old Dominican, who this morning suffered the semi-apmutation of an arm, as a possible confrontation between gangs in the capital.

The young man was attacked with machetes and stones by a group when he was in a cocktail bar in a Madrid neighborhood, frequented by members of youth gangs, the Police informed Efe today. The victim had multiple large injuries caused by several machetes, the most serious in an arm that caused semi-amputation.

After being intubated and stabilized by the toilets of the emergency service and Civil Protection, the young man was transferred in serious condition to the La Paz hospital in Madrid.

The doctors also treated a woman who suffered a minor cut on one arm. The Provincial Information Brigade of the National Police, which controls youth gangs in Madrid, has taken charge of the investigation of this event.

Given the rise in violence between gangs, a reinforced device with more than half a thousand police officers was launched in Madrid last February, and in addition, a review of the sale of knives was announced.

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