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They investigate if Iranian plane crew had face surgery

“That intelligence information was received regarding the change or the surgery that one of the crew members of this aircraft that was in Paraguay and that is now being held in Argentina may have had,” González told Radio Ñandutí.

However, he indicated that this information is in the hands of the Justice in both Argentina and Paraguay, for which he refrained from advancing “with more data.”

In any case, he admitted that these elements attract “attention from the point of view of intelligence and security.”

In addition, he pointed out that this is “what is being shared with the different intelligence agencies of countries in the region.”

Also consulted about the alleged surgery, Pérez said that, “indeed, it is part of the investigation.”

Abdo Benítez affirmed on Wednesday that “a large part” of the crew of a Venezuelan-Iranian plane held in Argentina and that landed in his country last May has links to international terrorism.

“One even had an operation on his face, to change his face in Cuba. Imagine, it looks like a movie,” the president told reporters, during a tour of the venues that will host the ASU2022 South American Games in Asunción next October.

In this context, the ruler anticipated that “more things will be known in time.”

The entrance They investigate if Iranian plane crew had face surgery was first published in diary TODAY.

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