They investigate forgery of signature and checks of the representative of Lídice in Capira

The Public Ministry, through the Municipal Personería of Capira, initiated an investigation for the alleged commission of a crime against public faith, to the detriment of the State, denounced by the representative of Lídice, district of Capira.

According to the authorities, it is about the forgery of the representative’s signature to change some also forged checks.

At the time two people were arrested, including the secretary of the Community Board, the other person arrested was in whose name the checks were issued.

The investigations show that this type of forgery and check cashing had been going on for more than a year, however it was only yesterday that they managed to detect an alteration in the checks when they tried to cash them at the National Bank.

The Public Ministry stressed that the investigations will continue until the responsibilities of any other involved are determined.

For his part, the representative of Lídice assured that he would not give statements as long as he did not have an adviser or legal representative who would indicate how to proceed in this regard.

With information from Raúl Vega.

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