Ortega regime eliminates the Missionaries of Charity Association and 100 more NGOs

Ortega regime eliminates the Missionaries of Charity Association and 100 more NGOs

The Sandinista deputies steamroller approved this Wednesday, June 29, the cancellation of the legal status of 101 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The Ortega deputies approved with 75 votes in favor, zero against, 15 abstentions and one present the elimination of more civil society entities. The number of NGOs illegalized since the beginning of the sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua in 2018 amounts to around 750.

The cancellation initiative was presented by the Ortega deputy Filiberto Rodríguez on June 22 before the National Assembly, controlled by the ruling party. Among the banned NGOs, the Missionaries of Charity Association of the Order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta stands out.

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Among the statements of reasons that the Ortega deputy presented to annihilate these organizations is the breach of three laws: the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities or Law 147; the Organic Law of the Legislative Power of the Republic of Nicaragua or Law 606, and the Law against Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction or Law 977.

In the case of the Missionaries of Charity Association, the Aleteia publication denounced on June 18 that the Ortega regime closed the charitable works of said organization after more than forty years of service to the poorest.

Missionaries of Charity leave Nicaragua and Ortega occupies their facilities. PHOTO: 19Digital

“As part of the intense hunt that the regime has undertaken against the Catholic Church —considering it to be in opposition and a coup plotter—, and against organized civil society, the charity works of the Missionaries were closed. And, most likely, she has finished her stay in Nicaragua », said Aleteia.

This June 28, the Missionaries of Charity reported that they have closed their charities in Nicaragua and are preparing to leave the country, revealed EFE.

A nun from the congregation, who preferred anonymity, told the news agency that the Daniel Ortega administration notified the nuns of foreign origin, who are the ones who managed the charity centers, that they must leave Nicaragua and they are getting your belongings ready to leave the country.

NGOs outlawed

These are the organizations outlawed by the National Assembly:

1 Ranchetes Neighborhood Association;

2 Association of General Naturo-Orthopathic Physicians of Nicaragua “Dr. Rosendo Argüello Ramírez” (Amegenón “RAR”);

3 Association of United Producers for Community Development (Aprudec);

4 Network Association of Civil Organizations of the Island of Ometepe (Roco Association);

5 Chontales Producers Association;

6 Foundation for Nicaraguan Youth and Children (Funjuninic);

7 Trade Union Institute Foundation of Central America and the Caribbean of Nicaragua (Isacc of Nicaragua);

8 Association of Residents of Casitas;

9 Association of Producers for the Integral Development of Mayangnas Sauni Balna (Adimasuni);

10 Santa Brigida Foundation (Fusab);

11 Thirty-Three Degree Scottish Eagle Association (A33);

12 Association for the Comprehensive Development of Children, Youth and Adolescents (Adinja);

13 Santa Lucia Association (ASLU);

14 Why Aren’t We Rich? Foundation;

15 Association of Captains, Sailors and Divers of the Atlantic Coast (Acambuca);

16 Association of Architects, Engineers and Technicians of Granada (Arintegra);

17 Association of Youth for Ancestral Culture Esmeralda Arce (Asocaner);

18 Nicaraguanet Association;

19 Green Development Foundation (FDV);

20 Youth Association We Are Youth Bridge (Somos Puente);

21 Kukra Hill Producers Association (APK);

22 Pharmaceutical Association of Nicaragua;

23 Nicaraguan Associated Foresters Association (Forestan);

24 Association for the Development of Sébaco;

25 Corn Island Fishermen’s Union Association (Upacin);

26 Mary Help of Christians Foundation;

27 Democratic Renewal Association (Arde);

28 Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (Fundectec);

29 Association of Producers of Plants and Flowers of Nicaragua (Nicaflor);

30 Nicaraguan Foundation for the Production of Human Food (Funpah);

31 Kisan Multiethnic Association for Peace;

32 Association of Professionals and Farmers of Nicaragua (Aprocanic);

33 Association for the Development of Social Projects (Adepros);

35 Nicaraguan Association for Water and Environmental Sanitation (Anasam);

36 Unity Association for Community Development (Udeco);

37 Foundation of Professionals Friends of Democracy and Development (Funproded);

38 Community Medical Support Foundation (Famco);

39 Ave Fénix Foundation (Fundafen);

40 Association of Estelian Ladies Based in Managua (Aderma);

41 Social Club of Workers of Rivas;

42 Association for Business and Professional Women (Apromujer);

43 Civil Foundation for Aid to Chronic Patients;

44 Association for Economic and Social Development (Ades);

45 Association for the Development of the Raudales Sector (Kunaspawa);

46 Beekeepers Association of El Sauce (Apielsa);

47 Solidarity and Community Development Network Association (Redscom);

48 Association of Graphic Reporters of Nicaragua (Argran);

49 Association of Producers of Roots and Tubers of New Guinea (Aprotrung);

50 Association for the Community Development of the Waspan Sur neighborhood;

51 Foundation for the Comprehensive Development of Communities (Fudeico);

52 Association of Persons Responsible for Civil Surveillance “Carlos Felipe Cardoza” (Asovic);

53 Association of Mayangna Indigenous Communities of the Bocay River Basin for Progress and Development (Makalahna);

54 Association of Christian Professionals of Nicaragua for Comprehensive Education and Training in the Community (Apronicaf);

55 Foundation Program for Human Development (Funprodh);

56 Friends Builders Foundation (Fundacons);

57 Association of Small and Medium Agricultural and Forestry Producers (Pemeproagrofor);

58 Association of Western Banana Workers Affected by Nemagón (Aobon);

59 Jinotega Retired Police Association;

60 Association of Potato Producers from the North Francisco Tercero Gómez (Appnftg);

61 Mayangna Tungnki Ban Ban Kaluduhna Association or Association of Indigenous People of the Tungki Sector (Matunbank);

62 Association of Educators for the Development of Education in Nicaragua (Asedenic Association);

63 Association for the Progress and Development of Nicaragua (Aprodenic);

64 Cultural Association of León Orlando Pastora Mendoza (ACL-OPM);

65 Association for the Strengthening of Autonomy and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Mining Triangle “Women, Children, Autonomy and Society” (Afatrim);

66 Foundation for the Comprehensive and Sustainable Development of the Family (Fudisfa);

67 Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Community Life and Energy (Fudeprocove);

68 Diriomito Children’s Care House Association (Acandi);

69 Association of Community Boards of Works of Progress (Jcop);

70 Association for the Development of the Jiñocuabo Community (Asodesco Jiñocuabo);

71 Pilas Uno Community Association (Acopi);

72 Catholic Foundation to Help the Human Development of Nicaraguans (Funcadehnic);

73 Association for Rural and Urban Development of Carazo (Aderuc);

74 Association Project, Reception, Meeting, Reinsertion, Condega Nicaragua (Paerconic);

75 Association for Development and Change (Asodecam);

76 Nicaraguan Association of Anesthetists (Anda);

77 Spirituality for Kids of Nicaragua Foundation “Spirituality for Kids of Nicaragua” (Sfknica);

78 Civil Foundation for Business Development of the Department of Rivas (FUN-Rivas);

79 Maternal Foundation “My Childhood” (Fundami);

80 Association of Technicians and Professionals of Las Segovias (Asotepros);

81 Association for the Productive and Social Development of the Segovias (Adpyse);

82 Central American Projection Association (Procentro);

83 Association for Community Development La Concepción Number One (Asprodec);

84 Association for the Development of Nicaraguan Boys and Girls (ANN);

85 Nicaragua Aid Foundation (NAF);

86 Siuna Builders Association (Acosiu);

87 Association of Abandoned Children and Women (Anim);

88 Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (Aprodhum);

89 Foundation for Sustainable Development, Bridging the Gap (Aprodhum);

90 Nicaraguan Association for the Support of Small Farmers (Aniap);

91 Green Action Association for Nicaragua;

92 Association for the Development of Cinco Pinos;

93 Association 52 IPM Promotion, La Salle 1972 (52 IPM Promotion 1972);

94 Labor Mediation Institute Association (IML);

95 Foundation of Professionals for the Development of Wiwilí (Fuprodewi);

96 Foundation for Rural and Urban Development of Nueva Segovia (Fuderuns);

97 Community Association for the Development of Madriz (Ascdem);

98 Río San Juan RL Departmental Residents Association;

99 Foundation for the Integral Development of Río San Juan;

100 Nicaraguan Association for Aid to Unprotected or Vulnerable Sectors (Anipros);

101 Missionaries of Charity Association.

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