They investigate alleged poisoning of Gilberto Correa

They investigate alleged poisoning of Gilberto Correa

Television producer and host Gilberto Correa was taken on Wednesday afternoon to the headquarters of the National Forensic Science Service (Senamef), located in Bello Monte, Baruta municipality (Miranda), according to witnesses.

Correa underwent a forensic medical examination as part of a criminal investigation for alleged poisoning, according to sources.

The aforementioned investigation originated as a result of a complaint made at the end of last year by one of the animator’s trusted doctors who detected a picture of progressive poisoning with the excessive application of medications.

To improve her health, Gilberto Correa’s doctor reported the incident to the Public Ministry, from where they initiated a criminal investigation.

Before that instance, the medical professional clarified that it had nothing to do with the treatments that were being applied to her patient.

Apparently, a woman who cared for the television figure is investigated for the alleged poisoning. They presume that she was the one who gave him the medicines in an adulterated form, according to what was investigated.

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