They install a commission to investigate the confessions of Mark Esper

This Friday, the Special Commission to Investigate the Confessions of Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense of the United States, during the term of Donald Trump, was officially installed, revealing the attempted invasion and assassination by Juan Guaidó and other opposition leaders in complicity with American officials.

According to a press release from the Legislative Power, the activity was attended by the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, the president of the parliamentary body, deputy Pedro Infante, who reported that a major investigation will be carried out which will include the review of the proposals approved in the 2015-2020 legislative period, such as the so-called transition statute for democracy, where the proclamation of Juan Guaidó was given legality; and the Law to incorporate Venezuela into the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR), elements that demonstrate how they were building the legality to invade Venezuela.

Infante indicated that it is a set of actions directed by the Venezuelan opposition in complicity with the US government. He pointed out that in Esper’s confessions Voluntad Popular (VP), an organization that promotes fascism in the country, is mentioned; like other NGOs and characters who financed the conspiracy plans.

He indicated that the special commission will establish the information systematization processes and determine the responsibilities, so that Venezuela brings the truth to all national and international levels about the US plan to attack the Homeland, with the supreme interest of appropriating oil resources.

For his part, the deputy, Gilberto Giménez asserted that, in the context of the permanent aggression against Venezuela, the commission will have the accusatory elements that will be consigned to the competent courts. He stressed that Venezuelans can be certain that justice will be served.

During the installation, Ambassador Samuel Moncada recorded the confessions of former US officials and insisted on the need to investigate and be alert to the covert operations that have been planned to continue the siege of Venezuela, also due to the crisis that is looming over the conflict in Eastern Europe to force down the price of oil.

He urged the commission to review all the resolutions on Human Rights where the US votes against, as well as the list that involves them in assassinations. Likewise, he recommended investigating the documents of the Center for International Studies, based in Washington, which have an area dedicated to Venezuela and from where the actions to invade the country are planned.

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