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The gas union once again blocked truck access to the La Tablada plant

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The Riogas workers’ union blocked this Sunday morning access to the La Tablada de Ancap plantin Verdisol, reported El País and confirmed The Observer.

After withdrawing the picket this Saturday after two police interventions, the workers blocked again the logistics center and the packaging plant of the company around 5:30, not letting in trucks of bottles and tubes or bulk.

“Once again the company wanted to carry out the restructuring that it put on the table in the ministry, which was hiring staff now that we are in full conflict. Given that, we are going to continue to have measures. We await the intervention of the Ministry of Labor in this situation”, he explained to The Observer the leader of the Labor Association of Civil Servants of Acodike Andrés Guichón.

“If the company continues to run over, unfortunately we are going to have to continue taking measures“, he insisted.

The conflict It began last week with the dismissal of a worker from an outsourced company, a case in which the company alleged misconduct, but the union asks to know the evidence from Riogas that demonstrates the attitude of these characteristics of the employee. At the same time, 12 persons were sanctioned while they participated in measures of struggle defined by the workers’ union.

“We are in a somewhat disadvantageous situation, because when these measures are taken, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of the Interior intervene and deactivate them, but we do not understand what is in the background. Because if so much was said that it was illegal to hire personnel when there is a measure or sanction workers for taking a union measure, we do not understand how that cannot be reversed. If they can lift the measure against us (because of the picket) but they cannot change those other situations, it is unfortunateGuichon pointed out.

The leader added that the union is betting that the Ministry of Labor will play “the role it has to play” to lower the tension of the problem.

The company, for its part, said in a communication to The Observer that “a number of occupations” were “affecting packaging and distribution”, creating “problems” mainly in bulk service. In that sense, he cataloged the measures of the union as “abusive and illegitimate” for “hindering the normal supply of supergas to the population” throughout the country.

The union asks the company to negotiate, and to remove the sanctions on the workers, while evaluating new measures if there is no option for dialogue. A picket that began this Saturday early in the morning – preventing the entry and exit of trucks, with vehicles – was intimidated by the police, and disabled. The demonstrators moved the claim to the Riogas gate, where they were also dissolved, around noon.

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