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They hit a man on the head to rob him in Pinar del Río

MADRID, Spain.- A 58-year-old Cuban was hit in the head while they tried to rob him this weekend in Pinar del Río. The victim, specifically assaulted with violence on Máximo Gómez street, between Recreo and Vélez Caviedes, was attacked with their fists and stones by three people, according to the station. Radio Guamá.

Two of the attackers were detained by a National Revolutionary Police (PNR) patrol car and are under investigation. They are 19 and 22 years old and both had criminal records.

According to comments from residents of Pinar del Río, those arrested are just two of the many robbers that must exist, due to the frequency with which these types of events are happening.

According to Internet user Yoel García, “several events have happened, which suggests that there are more people vandalizing.”

“What happens is that they caught two, but I doubt that all the assaults that have been happening for months are just those,” said Mairelis Guerra.

While Selena Padrón indicated: “We people from Pinar del Río are very afraid to go out. We need new measures for our security since those are not the only cases of assault in these last days”.

More and more news of robberies, assaults and crime in general throughout the Island are spreading on social networks.

Recently Cuban Time denounced several corroborated cases in this regard in the province of Camaguey.

Vehicles, clothing and mobile phones “are among the objects most coveted by the assailants,” explained the aforementioned independent media, which also noted that the Cuban police forces do not seem to act in this regard.

For its part, the official press, which does not usually report on these events, indicated last November that two doctors had been assaulted in the Tulipán neighborhood, in the province of Cienfuegos. The assailants stole an electric motorcycle, a cell phone, and other belongings.

In the same month the daily Granma warned that social networks are being used to propose “the illicit sale or purchase of foreign currency, mostly, at a lower price than the one set for its commercialization.”

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