Drainage works in Xochimilco are suspended and two officials are fired

Drainage works in Xochimilco are suspended and two officials are fired

The dismissal of two officials was announced: the general director of Political Coordination of the southern zone, Emigdio Tonatiuh Ávila Obispo, from the Government Secretariat, and the general director of the Metropolitan Police Task Force Unit, Luis Adrián Huerta Laguna , of the SSC.

The inhabitants carried out a blockade of roads to speak out against the work, since they point out that the objective is to remove the water from the wells of the demarcation to take it to other parts of the city.

Policemen tried to remove the blockade last Friday and they faced blows and stones with the inhabitants, even chasing a group that tried to take refuge inside a home.

The Government reaffirmed that the works carried out in San Gregorio Atlapulco and Caltongo are drainage “for the benefit of the sanitation of the canals in the area and that they were requested, at the time, by the towns themselves.”

Faced with the opposition of the inhabitants, Sacmex was ordered to suspend the works and the Government Secretariat to continue the dialogue with the citizens to evaluate different alternatives to clean up the canals.

The Head of Government also instructed the Secretary of Citizen Security, Omar García Harfuch, and the Secretary of Government, Martí Batres, to disseminate the “Agreement for police action in the prevention of violence and acts that transgress the exercise of rights during care for demonstrations and meetings.

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