They highlight Cuba’s capacity to guarantee protection against Covid-19

The article, whose title is Big Pharma vs. Little Cuba: Why Cubans trust vaccines and how they are helping to vaccinate the world, recognizes the island as one of the best protected countries in the world against SARS-CoV-2 despite the obstacles derived from the Washington siege.

The adverse effects of said policy, present even during the pandemic, hinders the export of vaccines from the Greater Antilles and seeks to frustrate the importation of immunizers, the article abounded.

Nonprofit and universal, public health there incorporates standardized and robust vaccination schedules that have been the norm for decades. Many drugs and vaccines are created by publicly funded national laboratories, the outlet said.

This small nation blocked a peak of the Omicron variant through its products and social hygiene measures, he extolled.

According to the text, signed by Jennifer Hosek, a professor at the Canadian University of Queen, in the city of Ontario, the widespread popular confidence in immunogens is based on the experience lived by citizens.

Since the 1960s, Cubans have followed a robust immunization schedule started in childhood, with subsequent experience of protection against contagious diseases, he revealed.

The inhabitants of this middle-income tropical island have personal experiences with infectious diseases, such as meningitis (against which a vaccine was developed) and dengue, for which public health measures have been implemented, he stressed.

Hosek, who based his conclusions on questions asked of Cubans residing in the national territory, also praised the communication tools deployed to educate the population on health matters.

The messages about the benefits of vaccination and other public health practices for individual and social good are clear and constant, the text argued.

He also reviewed how the island began vaccinating children as young as two years old, much earlier than most other countries, and even richer ones, and highlighted its efforts to carry out phase 2 clinical trials with infants under that age. .

Cuba is not putting its little ones at risk, he estimated, it is using proven research (platforms previously used in other vaccines) to ensure that everyone is protected as quickly and safely as possible.

The country, he stated, continues to work to stop the pandemic, exporting vaccines and transferring production technology to countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Iran, Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria, Venezuela and Vietnam.


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