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“They have recorded the intimacy of our home, it is a moral attack”: Verónica Alcocer in her defense of her husband Petro

Verónica Alcocer, wife of Gustavo Petro, came out in his defense, denouncing “a moral attack” against the candidate for the ‘petrovideos’.

Verónica Alcocer, wife and companion of Gustavo Petro, came out in his defense and denounced “a moral attack” against the candidate and the violation of the “intimacy of his home” after the so-called ‘petrovideos’.

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Verónica Alcocer, who could become the nation’s first lady on June 19 because her husband Gustavo Petro went to the second round and will compete with Roldolfo Hernández for the Presidency, came out in her defense and denounced that they violated “the privacy of our home », this in reference to the so-called ‘petrovideos’.

Alcocer, who has been active this year around her husband’s campaign, said that the candidate of the Historical Pact, “they have made a media, moral attack.”

In his opinion, the publication of several videos of private meetings of the Historic Pact campaign is a “right-wing” strategy.

“We have been victims of administrative, judicial, economic and media attacks,” he denounced.

“My husband wants change, he wants a full democracy, with a clear division of powers,” he said, and for this reason, he called for a vote for Gustavo Petro on June 19 and “against that right at all, it is worth continuing with their privileges.”

Alcocer has been in the middle of the controversy, due to her mediation in the meeting in which Nany Pardo, Petro’s former communication advisor, was discussed, and how they should fire her without causing a scandal on social networks.

Also, when she called her husband a fool and asked him to be more open to different sectors to attract votes.

That was his statement.:

She has requested the request for the former mayor of Bogotá, because according to her, “he is the president that Colombia deserves.”

The polls, depending on which one, put Petro as the winner over Hernández, or vice versa, few have them in a technical tie.

While the Historical Pact denounced the leaking of the campaign and the disclosure of the videos to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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