Ariel Sánchez fue expulsado este sábado en el segundo partido de las semifinales y no está claro qué tipo de sanción recibirá por lanzar una pelota a las gradas. Foto: Ricardo López Hevia.

“I lost control”, says player from Matanzas expelled in the Cuban baseball postseason

The experienced baseball player Ariel Sánchez publicly apologized on social networks after being expelled for throwing a ball into the stands in this Saturday’s duel between the Crocodiles of Matanzas and the Gallos of Sancti Spíritus, corresponding to the semifinals of the 61st National Series of baseball.

The Yumurino patrolman received insults from the Sancti Spiritus fans in the José Antonio Huelga park at the end of the second semifinal game and lost his cool, throwing a ball into the stands. Immediately, one of the referees of the match expelled him for what is considered an unsportsmanlike attitude.

The event occurred at the height of inning 11, when Ariel was heading to defend in right field after consuming Matanzas one of his offensive opportunities. On the way to his defensive position, a fan offended the player, who responded in the worst way possible.

“It was something that should not have happened, but that fan had been offending me for a long time and I lost control (…) Something like this had never happened to me,” Sánchez said in his letter on social networks.

“I first want to apologize to the people of Sancti Spíritus, with the National Baseball Directorate and Inder,” added the Yumurino outfielder, who was very sorry for what happened.

“I am a person who loves baseball and it is in my blood, and what I want most is to continue playing with my team. I will repeat what I am saying on the networks live in Monday’s game before the public of Matanzas and the team from Sancti Spiritus”, Sánchez specified.

According to the provisions of the competition regulations, Ariel will have to serve a penalty match after being expelled, so he will not be in the third duel of the semifinals between Crocodiles and Gallos, scheduled to take place this Monday in the Matanzas park Victory of Giron. In any case, it cannot be ruled out that the sanction extends beyond said meeting if the authorities consider that the man from Matanzas has committed serious indiscipline.

“I ask Inder to have mercy, that was a moment that will never happen again,” Ariel wrote on social networks, aware that he could be punished more severely and lose part of the current postseason.

The loss of Ariel Sánchez for the third game of the semifinal is already a withering blow for the Crocodiles, but losing him for the rest of the playoffs would be deadly. The Yumurinos, led by Armando Ferrer, are playing with a short and patched-up squad, after more than half of their potential starting lineup left for professional contracts.

To make matters worse, two of its main exponents, catcher Andrys Pérez and reliever Naykel Cruz, were called up to the U-23 national team and could only join the squad if they advance to the final.

Despite the absences, Matanzas won two games against the Roosters from Sancti Spiritus at the José Antonio Huelga fence, so they only need a couple of victories to sneak into their third consecutive final of the domestic classic.

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