They have changes in several police directions

They have changes in several police directions

Through a resolution, the general commissioner Gilberto Fleitas, commander of the National Police, ordered a series of changes and appointments.

In the Police Welfare Directorate appointed General Commissioner Inspector Wilberto Sánchez Dávalos, replacing General Commissioner Inspector Roberto Cresencio Mora Armoa.

In the Guairá Police Directorate General Commissioner Inspector Reinaldo López Vázquez assumes, instead of Wilberto Sánchez Dávalos.

Furthermore, in the Personnel Management Department, Darío Rubén Von Brand Cuevas takes the helm. Gustavo Barrios Fernández, inspector general commissioner, leaves office.

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As director of the Asuncion Police Inspector General Rubén Paredes Cáceres was appointed, instead of Inspector General Reinaldo López Vázquez.

On the other hand, the Alto Paraguay Police Directorate, it will now be commanded by inspector general commissioner Gustavo Barrios Fernández, instead of inspector general commissioner Sebastián Ramírez.

Another change occurs in the Tactical Support Directoratewhere they appointed inspector general commissioner Sebastián Ramírez Delgadillo instead of inspector general commissioner Rubén Paredes Cáceres.

The last reported change is in the Boquerón Police Directorate, where the inspector general commissioner Roberto Cresencio Mora Armoa takes over the post left by Darío Rubén Von Brand Cuevas.

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