Association of pharmacists requests that the theft of fentanyl be investigated “whoever falls”

Press release. After registering the theft of more than 10,000 vials of fentanyl in the Social Security Fund (CSS), the president of the board of directors of the National College of Pharmacists (Conalfarm), Jaime Olive, warned that it is important to develop guides and protocols that warn about the dangers that can be caused by the inappropriate use of certain medications, including fentanyl.

“We have repeatedly pointed out to the medical administration of the Social Security Fund about the dangers and inconveniences of developing and authorizing the use of these drugs,” Olive said.

He explained that Fentanyl is highly dangerous and selective and for hospital use and its traceability is concentrated in the hospital clinical phase and the control of its consumption and use, based on the defined daily dose, according to the patient’s condition and criteria. clinical.

“We are not in a position to establish parameters for a solid product, such as tablets, but for an injectable one, which were probably stolen during the pandemic, aggravated by the fact that international and national controls as controlled drugs are not carried out, even more so in terms of the qualities of toxicity and high addiction”, added the manager of Conalfarm.

The National College of Pharmacists approves investigations “whoever falls”, due to omission or commission of illegal acts resulting from the investigation and makes itself available to the authorities to objectively assist in the investigation. However, he disapproves that the burden of the imputation falls only on the pharmaceutical regency.

They indicate that when the regulatory omission falls on the administration, as witnessed by the failed intervention actions requested from the Administration Attorney and the Ombudsman, trying to avoid situations like these, where we have been ignored and the pressure to report the news criminis of the breach of duties of the public official.

They point out that they have previously warned about situations that the administration has not wanted to investigate, that could be similar or more serious, for not heeding the suggestions, to avoid injuries to the users of the health services provided by the institution.

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