They hand over the bodies of victims 30 years after they were murdered in Huancavelica

They hand over the bodies of victims 30 years after they were murdered in Huancavelica

For more than 30 years they have waited for the opportunity to give a Christian burial to their relatives, yesterday, they were able to do it and they remembered that moment that marked their lives forever.

Zenón Osnayo Tunque, a native of the Santa Bárbara community, recalled what he had to experience that distant 1991, when he lost his family, his wife Antonia Hilario Quispe and his daughters Yesenia, Edith, Miriam, 6 months, 6 and 13 years old .

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Through a video, the National Prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos, apologized for the delay in the investigation.


Osnayo Tunque recalled how he lived that July 4, 1991, the day his life changed forever.

“There was an incursion by the Peruvian Army, they came from the Lircay base and another group from here from Huancavelica. I was not there, I had gone to Acobamba to barter cereals, because there were not enough cars, I returned on July 6 and when I arrived the entire community was on the move, they had denounced the disappearance “, recalled Zenón Osnayo.

He recalled: “When I found out I went to my stay and what is done in 4 and a half hours, I did it in 2 and a half hours, the dogs howled I was desolate, I began to investigate and they told me that my family had been taken away with towards Yunaccasa, Chuñamayocc, the next day my brother-in-law arrived ”.


She claimed that her neighbor’s eight-year-old son had seen that they had been thrown into a mine and made them explode, that same day they went to the mine and found his family.

“We have found the healthy bodies, although the creatures were in pieces, they were like a pile of meat piled up, at a distance of seven meters from the mouth, with phosphorus we just saw it. On top of my neighbor Ramon Hilario was his six-year-old daughter, sanito, they killed her with a burst of weapon when she escaped from the rocky areas, pulling a little more I pull my wife, with my own rope, there we just left everything “, manifested.


A day later they informed the corresponding authorities about the discovery, however, they acted on July 18 and when they went halfway they ran out of fuel, but, at the mine, there was another contingent of the Army disguised as civilians, with hats and hats, we noticed because they had boots and weapons.

They held them for more than 20 hours and then, they heard three more detonations in the mine, trying to erase the evidence, they released them and summoned them to the base in Huancavelica.


He also said that he and his brothers-in-law were arrested on charges of terrorism, and he spent 11 years in jail. “They wanted to shut me up, they didn’t want this to be investigated,” he said.


They held a mass in the Cathedral of Huancavelica, celebrated by Bishop Alberto Salcedo, and then proceeded to deliver the skeletal remains that they found to the relatives. Thus, they handed over to their children, uncles, brothers and uncles the remains of the other victims, whom they identified as:

Francisco Hilario Torres, Dionisia Quispe Mallqui, Magdalena Hilario Quispe and her child in the womb, Mercedes Carhuapoma De la Cruz, Alex Jorge Hilario, Wilmer Hilario Carhuapoma, Ramón Hilario Morán, Dionicia Guillén Riveros, Héctor Hilario Guillén, Hua Raúl Hilario Guillén and Elihorefmaní Vergara.

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After the mass, the remains left in a farewell procession around the Cathedral and later they were taken to the cemetery, where they gave them a Christian burial.

To date, there are three soldiers sentenced for this incident, however, the families of the victims ask to find and sentence all those involved.

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