They grabbed two picadores from the Tren del Llano

They grabbed two picadores from the Tren del Llano

Two informants from the criminal group Oscar de Jesús del Llano, a cell of the plain trainwere captured in El Sombrero (Guárico), according to military sources.

The subjects were apprehended in the Bicentennial neighborhood of the aforementioned town of Guariqueño, in response to investigation order No. MP-80315-2023, for the crimes of extortion, kidnapping, organized crime and terrorism.

At the site, three telephone equipment, two Empire Horse motorcycles, 17 cartridges, including seven for rifles, were seized.

Material seized from informants

The detainees are identified as Jesús Ramón Rodríguez and Víctor Alfredo López Flores who were handed over to the Public Ministry.

The neighborhood where the two subjects were caught was the base of operations of the criminal organization founded by José Antonio Tovar Colina, alias El Picure, who was killed on May 3, 2016 precisely in an urbanization of El Sombrero during a police-military operation .

Dejected El Picure, the Tren del Llano organization, led by Gilberto Malony Hernández aka El Malony. This subject was killed in November 2021 in the midst of a military operation deployed in San Juan de Unare (Sucre). Currently the Tren del Llano is headed by a cousin of El Malony identified as Oscar de Jesús Malony Hernández (El Pipi). Several criminal cells derive from there, including one baptized with the subject’s two names: Oscar de Jesús del Llano.

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