Colorados supported Lacalle Pou and bet to continue in the government coalition

Colorados supported Lacalle Pou and bet to continue in the government coalition

He National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Colorado Party He expressed his support for President Luis Lacalle Pou after he asked Irene Moreira to resign as Minister of Housing after directly awarding him to a Cabildo Abierto militant.

The Colorados also expressed their intention to continue integrating the government coalition, which has “allowed the country to successfully face the serious international and environmental situations suffered.”

The official statement is manifested in the same meaning as the public statements made by the general secretary of the PC and former president Julio María Sanguinetti, after the request for resignation made by Lacalle Pou to former minister Moreira was known.

“If the president asked the minister to resign, it is a fact of elementary legal practice that the minister resigns, that is not up for debate. The minister is a clearly trusted position in the cabinetthat I would not even need to explain reasons,” Sanguinetti said at a press conference hours before Moreira announced that he was leaving the portfolio.

This Monday Cabildo Abierto (CA) will define if it continues to be part of the official coalition after the president requested the resignation of Minister Irene Moreira, leader and wife of CA leader Guido Manini Ríos.

The CEN statement and Sanguinetti’s statements aim to maintain the coalition“the best thing for everyone would be to preserve it beyond this specific episode that will have parliamentary and legal derivations,” said the former president.

Meanwhile, this Monday the senator manini said in his column for Radio 41 in San José that “this crisis was created by the president himself with an incomprehensible attitude, with a clear injustice towards the weakest link”. The lobbyist leader added that “if he wanted to collect accounts from the Cabildo it was not with Irene Moreira that he had to collect them“.

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