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They found the body of Lautaro, the young man who disappeared after a police chase

They found the body of Lautaro, the young man who disappeared after a police chase

Lautaro disappeared early Monday in the Paraná River

The body of Lautaro Rosé, the 18-year-old who had been missing since last Monday in the city of Corrientes, when he threw himself into the water while being pursued by the police, was found this Wednesday in the Paraná River, near the shipyards.

The lawyer representing the Rosé family, Hermindo González, confirmed the discovery of the body of the young man who was wanted by the Naval Prefecture and private boats.

The circumstances in which the young man entered the water with a minor friend, who managed to get out, are fully investigated, since witnesses affirmed that before that they were both beaten and persecuted by the police.

Through a statement, the Corrientes Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that the disappearance of the young man occurred after incidents on the waterfront, under the General Belgrano bridge, early Monday morning, where “Corrientes Police officers acted and no actions were carried out. “.

For this reason, the sources said, “it would be an irregular procedure” with respect to the police action.

Lautaro’s body was spotted this morning in the river by Majorcan fishermen. Photo: Germán Pomar

On Tuesday, Corrientes Security Minister Juan José López Desimoni reported that three police officers were preventively removed from their duties while the investigation progresses.

Lautaro’s body was spotted this morning in the river by Majorcan fishermen, whoThose who gave notice to members of the Argentine Naval Prefecture, who withdrew it from the waters.

The spokesmen specified that the young man disappeared in the Arazaty beach area, on the waterfront of the Capital of Corrientes, and that his body was found near the shipyards.

The family lawyer announced that they will request that the investigation of the event be carried out by federal forces and that the case be coveredto “qualified homicide.”

“We need to have a guarantee of transparency,” González said in statements to Radio Dos, minutes after the body was found.

And in this sense, he added that they will request “the suppression of the federal forces, since it is proven that there are three members of the (provincial) Police were separated from the function by the fact.”

Photo: Germán Pomar

For his part, Luis, Lautaro’s uncle, said that they are waiting for the results of the autopsy to find out if his nephew was beaten or if he has pellets.

“The prosecutor asked me for all the photos I have and my brothers of the corpse. They tell me that he had injuries, he was badly beaten but it is not confirmed if he had bullets or not, it may be pellets, it is not known,” he said in statements to the channel C5N.

“I ask for clarification because I suspect that they were policemen,” he added, after which he described Lautaro as a “good, kind” boy who “was not a jet and went to school.”

The episode began early Monday in the area of ​​the Corrientes waterfront, where “an incident was generated and Corrientes Police personnel intervened, which resulted in a riot of people and bullfights,” the Public Ministry said in a statement.

Photo: Germán Pomar

“There, Lautaro Rosé, together with a minor who accompanied him, threw themselves into the waters of the Paraná River,” adds the letter, clarifying that “later, the minor came out of the water, but Lautaro did not.” .

The prosecutor Gustavo Robineau, who is investigating the incident, told Télam that work is being done “to identify the police officers who intervened.”

For her part, the aunt of the deceased young man, Natalia Rosé, said before the appearance of the body that her nephew’s friend “assured that they were beaten by the police”, although “he does not want to speak any more because he is afraid.” Lautaro’s mother, Juana Sotelo, had said the same yesterday, who assured the press that the friend told her that “they were beaten and chased by the police in the middle of the night.”

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