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They found in Peru the young man from Mendoza who disappeared in Ecuador

They found in Peru the young man from Mendoza who disappeared in Ecuador

Rodrigo Salguero had last communicated with his family on January 19.

The young man from Mendoza who had been missing since January 18 in the Ecuadorian town of Olmedo It was found in the last hours in Peru, the Argentine ambassador to Ecuador, Gabriel Fuks, informed Télam this Thursday.

This is Rodrigo Salguero, 26 years old and a native of the Mendoza town of Rivadavia, who was traveling as a backpacker, who is seen in a video with a friend.

As Fuks specified in a statement, “It is kindly reported that on the day of the date, the Mendoza citizen Rodrigo Salguero was found in the town of Máncora, Peru. According to videos of people who came into contact with him, he is in good physical condition.”

Likewise, the ambassador told Télam that notice was given to the Argentine Consulate in the city of Lima in order to provide assistance to the Argentine citizen and his family who are traveling to Ecuador.

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On Wednesday, an informative report was received from the Guayaquil Missing Persons Investigation Unit (Dinased) regarding the progress of the investigation, specifying that officials from the Consulate General made a new tour of the bus terminal in the city of Guayaquil. and area of ​​the Simón Bolívar citadel where they confirmed that the Argentine citizen would have been seen there two days ago, in a state of disorientation.

This afternoon, Salguero’s brother will arrive in the city of Guayaquil from a flight from Mendoza.

It all started on Sunday, January 22, “we received a phone call from Leandro Alfredo Salguero to warn about the disappearance of his brother Rodrigo, whose whereabouts we still don’t know,” he said.

According to the young man’s brother, The last contact they had with Rodrigo was on January 19, 2023.

Two days after receiving the call from Leandro Salguero, on January 24, the General Directorate of Argentine Consular Affairs abroad, of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, “instructed the General Consulate in Guayaquil to search for the whereabouts of the Argentine citizen.” explained the Argentine ambassador in Ecuador.

For its search, intervention was given to the Provincial Integrated Security Service, called ECU-911, where the general director, Daniela Salto, works; the provincial prosecutor of Guayas, Yanina Villagómez, and the head of the local Migration Support Service, Lissette Ramos.

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