Deputies debate the agreement with the IMF in Congress

They formalized the composition of the commission of deputies that will analyze the Rent Law

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The Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies formalized this Friday through a resolution the nomination of 31 members of the commission that from Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. will analyze the draft Rent Law, according to the consensus reached last Wednesday by the referents of the main blocks.

In accordance with the internal resolution that established it, the working body will be made up of 16 deputies from the Front of All; 14 from Together for Change and one from the Federal Interblock; so the ruling party could have enough to win a majority opinion.

What’s more, The Front of All, which by number of members will continue in the presidency of the commission, would ratify the massista Cecilia Moreau for that positionat the beginning of the meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.

Due to the timely agreement, this body of work will have 30 business days to issue an opinion on the matter. Otherwise, Together for Change will insist on the request for a special session to advance with your treatment.

In that sense, Wednesday’s parliamentary agreement that defined work to start from next Tuesday included JxC’s decision to rescind the call for a special session requested for that same day (Tuesday).

In addition to Moreau, the official members of the commission will be Constanza Alonso, Daniel Arroyo, Vanesa Siley, Lia Marín, Carolina Yutrovic, Carolina Moises, Graciela Parola, Paula Penacca, José Herrera, Mónica Litza, Lucas Godoy, Carolina Gaillard, Liliana Yabrun, Federico Fagioli and Eduardo Toniolli.

By Together for change will be Karina Banfi, Soledad Carrizo, Carla Carrizo, Margarita Stolbizer, Pablo Tonelli, Francisco Monti, Jimena Latorre, Omar de Marchi, María Eugenia Vidal, María Sotolano, Marina Stilman, Ingrid Jetter, Maximiliano Ferraro and Victoria Morales Gorleri .

The remaining member will be Graciela Camaño, from the Identidad Bonaerense bloc and the Federal interbloc.

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