They force entry and rob the sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas de Jinotega

Through a publication on the Facebook page “Sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas, Diocese of Jinotega”, Father Asdrúbal Zeledón Ruiz denounced the robbery that occurred on Wednesday, June 7, in that place considered for the Jinotegans, as a sacred site.

“In my capacity as Rector of the Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas Sanctuary, I inform the parishioners of the following: today the Sacristán notified me that a person had entered the sacristy, structural damage, window struggle and lock,” he reported.

The religious explained that the person stole money, a Yamaha brand piano, wine and an electric extension. “Blessed be God, that this act of vandalism did not become sacrilegious, the Blessed Sacrament was not touched, just like the sacred vessels, candelabra, missal, lectionaries and ornaments,” he added.

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According to Father Zeledón Ruiz, the criminal incursion is known to the Police and asks “not to misrepresent this event.” The priest is a close associate of Monsignor Carlos Enrique Herrera, who is the Ordinary of the Diocese of Jinotega and president of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference.

They force entry and rob the sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas de Jinotega
One of the back doors to the Sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas Diocese of Jinotega.

grieving parishioners

The Catholic population condemned the robbery and described it as “unbearable”. In addition, they demanded from the enemies of the Church “one up to here” and demanded a strong hand from the police authorities to find the person responsible and recover the goods purchased with the offerings that they give to the Catholic Church.

“It is one thing to be prudent and another to be blind,” said a parishioner who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals with indignation.

“We know who encourages hatred against our Church, another thing is not wanting to see it,” said a delegate of the Word consulted on this issue.

They force entry and rob the sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas de Jinotega
Members of the National Police set up surveillance after the robbery at the Sanctuary of Our Lord of Esquipulas Diocese of Jinotega.

It is important to mention that the dictatorship has accused the Catholic Church of money laundering and they have even affirmed, without presenting the evidence publicly, that they found bags with thousands of dollars in the parishes, in their eagerness to justify the freezing of bank accounts. of the church.

Jinotega diocese under attack

A few days ago, the Ortega dictatorship took over by force, with police and paramilitaries, the Catholic school that was administered by the “Hijas de Santa Luisa de Marillac” nuns in San Sebastián de Yalí, and also ordered the expulsion of three members of this religious congregation.

A parishioner from that Diocese also assured that the Police “fined” a priest, but the reasons for said fine are unknown. Another parishioner said that they were afraid that the police were only using the fine as a pretext to kidnap the religious man who has historically been known for denouncing human rights abuses.

Researcher Martha Patricia Molina, who has investigated the repression of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship against the clergy, also denounced that the San Juan de Jinotega Cathedral was kept under constant siege by the regime’s Police.

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