Cosse against the government: "You have to have a course in safety and there isn’t"

The Mayor of MontevideoCaroline Cossehe turned to the Ministry of the Interior again due to insecurity after the portfolio told the Mayor to “concrete his efforts in tasks that do fall within his competence”, such as “pruning and lighting”.

“In that letter, the ministry tells us that security is the exclusive responsibility of the portfolio and I agree. It also tells us to dedicate ourselves to our business. What I want to comment is that it is everyone’s problem. The mayor knows the problems that exist“, assured Cosse this Friday at a press conference.

Cosse maintained that the Municipality suffers 500 cable thefts per month, that it also suffers robberies at its polyclinics and that they are withdrawing workers from certain sites because “they are within range of shots.” “We have a very important cultural complex (Sacude) where 2,500 people participated and depending on the shootings in the neighborhood, less than 1,500 are attending.“.

“Here the issue is the safety of the people. Hopefully the ministry will put cameras where there were suggestions. We are going to continue making suggestions because the neighbors raise things with us and we know the things that happen. If we are going to continue having suggestions, we are going to continue doing them.” “The important thing here is that they put the cameras where we said they had to be“. added.

“We know the reality and I cannot look the other way when there is a shooting in the Shakes and people do not go, I humbly suggest to the Ministry that there are places to put cameras,” he asserted.

“The government should be held accountable”

On the other hand, the Mayor pointed out that the government should “take responsibility” for security management and stop “blaming the Broad Front that has nothing to do with it.”

“The security problems are now being and they are serious, you have to have a direction in security and there is none. Nor we see gestures that solve people’s problems, who cannot go to a mini-market to buy things. You have to take care of what life is instead of thinking about whether or not the Broad Front asked the minister of the moment to resign, it seems to me that you have to mature, “he said.

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