They find a young radio station lifeless in Santa Cruz, they investigate strangulation

They find a young radio station lifeless in Santa Cruz, they investigate strangulation

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The young radio host Daniela Porcel was found dead on Saturday in the city of Santa Cruz. The autopsy report indicates that she died of suffocation, the relatives denounce that her body had bruises and scratches, for which they requested to initiate an investigation.

Daniela, 23, worked at Radio Mix, and for some time she lived with her boyfriend, Carlos V., in an area of ​​Coronado Avenue, in the second ring road. The young woman’s partner was the one who found her and reported that she had her back turned. I saw her with a chain and with red marks (on her neck), her lips were purple.”

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The family of the young announcer denounced that the body had several bruises. “I ask for justice, because my daughter was not going to do that, her whole body is purple, even her eyes, she has bruises, her legs, she is all scratched,” Daniela’s grandmother, Juana Hoyos, reported to the Unitel network. .

In her version, the young woman had finished with her partner; he harassed her, searched for her and threatened her. The radio host’s father announced that he will file a complaint to investigate the case.

Among the causes of death, the document indicates “mechanical suffocation by hanging”, specifies that the body presents an extrinsic cervical compression (strangulation) and anoxic anoxia (the air does not reach the brain due to the obstruction of the respiratory tract).

Carlos V. appeared this Sunday morning at the offices of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), to present his statement. Before the media, the subject said that he found her lifeless and that Diana was depressed.

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