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They extended the affordable price program in the Central Market of La Plata

They extended the affordable price program in the Central Market of La Plata

The stallholders of the Central Market of La Plata decided to extend the Accessible Prices Program until the end of this month.

The Central Market of La Plata announced this Tuesday the extension of the affordable price program until next Friday, which includes fresh and packaged products, beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit and drinks, and a 10% discount for retirees.

The agreed values ​​in products of the family basket They will be in force until December 30, inclusive, in the property located at Avenida 520 and 115 of the Buenos Aires capital, and on Wednesdays the 10% discount continues for retirees who present ID and salary receipt.

“We continue working under the objective of lightening the pocket of the neighbors; That is why a new price list that includes products to be used during these holidays has come into effect,” said manager Rubén Casanovas.

In the bakery of Nave 1 of the property at Avenida 520 and 115 You can find a kilo of bread for $280, a dozen invoices for $500 and sweet bread for 500 to $500, with a 10% discount on cash payments; and in the local fresh food, the one with medallions or chicken legs for $800.

Meanwhile, in the delicatessen of the sector it will be possible to acquire a kilo of cream cheese for $650, the top quality ricotta for $450, the 100 g of Cárdenas pork shoulder for $93, the Top tapas tube for $900 and the three dozen Top empanada tapas for $360; On Thursday this place adheres to the promotion of 30% refund of DNI Account.

In Nave 2, residents will be able to access offers such as La Campagnola tomato puree for 520 grams at $139.99, the traditional Natura herb for 500 g at $369.99, Granix granagua cookies for 200 g at $139.99, the quince jelly for 650 g for $529.99, and the “pudding” Ducados of various flavors for 300 g for $489.99.

In the greengrocery of the same ship, the prices of the agreement contemplate two kilos of bell peppers at $500, the orange for juice at $89.90, A 22-kg bag of small potatoes is $1,000, a kilo of plum tomatoes is $99, and the two packages of chard are $150.

For its part, the drinks warehouse in Nave 3 will offer Quilmes beer for 473 ml at $199.99, Norton Cosecha Especial wine for 750 ml at $1,259.99, Las Perdices sparkling wine for 750 ml at $1,149.99, the sparkling Brut Nature Soigne for 750 ml at $799.99, the Bravío Spain and Australia for 750 ml at $399.99, the Freixenet for 750 ml at $1,099.99, the cider 1930 demi sec and pear at $499.99 and the Fernet White limited edition worldwide at $1,199.99.

In addition, the La Plata Regional Market will offer a new list of accessible prices for wholesale purchases.

“Fruit and vegetables are seasonal and that’s why its price varies depending on weather behavior and supply capacity,” said Casanovas.

A) Yes, those who approach the property of Avenida 520 and 116 You will find a kilo of potato for $138.89, the Ecuadorian banana for $250, the commercial banana for $175, the pear for $200, the apple for $295.45, the orange for $70, the lemon for $150, chard for $83.33, cabutia squash for $346.15 and anco for $125, tomato for $100, large peach for $690 and small peach for $600.

In the same way, The price list also includes a kilo of red bell peppers at $113.33, carrots at $138.89, beets at $100 as well as corn, onions at $138.89, the one with eggplant at $100, the one with capuchin lettuce at $428.57, the kilo of melon at $285.71, the one with grapes at $1,000, the one with plums at $600, the kilo of red cabbage at $100, the one with cucumber at $50, the one with zucchini for $120, the maple with 30 eggs for $550 and the head of garlic for $50.

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