Supergas discount for vulnerable households

Supergas discount for vulnerable households

They will maintain this benefit until June 30, 2023

The Executive Branch reported that beneficiary families of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) who access a 50% discount on recharging 13-kilo supergas bottles will maintain this benefit until June 30, 2023.

“We were working together with the minister [Martín] Motto and with the president of Ancap [Alejandro Stipanicic]and we have resolved to accede to the request of the Ministry of Social Development to extend the 50% discount that a significant number of households benefiting from Mides programs have for six months, until June 30, 2023,” he said at a press conference. the Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini.

The Secretary of State added that this program, applied since June 2022, has been carried out “with great success”, something that the Government took into account when evaluating the extension. In this case, Paganini clarified, the decision was made again “with the direct support of the Ancap coffers.”

high impact measure

Minister Lema stated that the matter was coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and Ancap.

“It is a high-impact measure in a number of homes that need that push. To give an example, from June 1 to date, there were more than 136,000 homes. When we compare with previous years, in which there was a 15% discount, the impact between the number of households that could make use of the benefit was approximately 3%: 6,000, 7,000, 8,000 households, depending on the year”, Lema specified. .

On the other hand, in this half year, “48% of those who could access the benefit actually did so”, which explains the high number of homes, detailed the head of Mides.

On another level, Lema announced that the elimination of the income cap to maintain Family Allowances in the Equity Plan will be maintained in 2023.

“There are different social actions that allow accessibility to services, that allow the use of job opportunities, and with that a concept of integration and autonomy that the Government aims at,” added the hierarch.

Ancap’s support

Stipanicic, president of Ancap, said that the company foresees a disbursement of one million dollars per month for the maintenance of the benefit.

“This is possible due to the results of the responsible management of the Ancap monopoly in the local market, which generates some surplus to accompany this social policy that, without a doubt, is very appropriate and reaches where the subsidy has to go,” he said.

The manager emphasized the entity’s vision that the supergas subsidy should target demand and not the generalized product. “We are focusing on who needs it the most,” he said.

“Ancap’s financial position is solid and this subsidy is not relevant to Ancap’s finances,” he concluded.

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