They evict 360 families who invaded state houses in Warnes

July 25, 2023, 11:33 AM

July 25, 2023, 11:33 AM

A total of 360 families living irregularly in the homes of the State Urban Communities program, since 2019, in Warnes, they were evicted this Tuesday by the departmental Police.

The Vice Minister of the Interior Regime and Police, Jhonny Aguilera, indicated that, at the head of the police commander of Santa Cruz, Colonel Erick Holguín, an agreement was reached so that the families, who knew they lived in houses that they overwhelmed, vacate the houses voluntarily, thus avoiding the use of violence.

Eviction homes, State housing agency, encroachment
The 360 ​​families were forced to evacuate their homes.

“The State Housing Agency (AEV) initiated a judicial process that has ordered that the subjugated properties be vacated. The police command peacefully managed to get those who were living illegally to vacate the properties,” Aguilera reported in an interview with RTP.

He explained that 1,800 police officers mobilized to comply with the eviction operation, work that was supported by officials from the AEV and the Ministry of Public Works. “ANDWe are initiating criminal actions against the people who led these organizations with the purpose of illegally occupying the properties,” he warned.

He explained that initially the eFinancial entities were the ones that carried out the processes that allow guaranteeing families to benefit from a property, fulfilling among the requirements that they be Bolivian, receive more than 4,000 Bolivians as basic salary and do not have a property in their name.

He pointed out that the State Housing Agency I make possible a better way to carry out the selection processes, Therefore, today there is a diversity of families that have to occupy the houses, but bullies entered the properties, preventing those legally adjudicated from occupying the houses.

Eviction homes, State housing agency, encroachment
The statement issued by the State Housing Agency.

The Bolivian State Housing Agency issued a statement informing about the dispossession that establishes the vacancy of the 360 ​​subjugated homes in the UUrbanization Pope Francis.

“The Aevivivienda has sent notes and has had socializations with the groups of bullies to provide information on access to the Urban Communities Program and thus benefit from a home legally; however, of the 360 ​​overwhelming families, 50 presented documents who were not suitable for access to the benefit, having only two families qualified for it”, highlight the statement.

Among the invaders of the houses there were not only Bolivian citizens, but foreigners, as well Scams were detected in sales pyramids and some properties for rent.

During the eviction process, some affected families indicated that they had not been notified, supposedly seeing themselves surprised by the measure. Some even asked that the Government provide them with a coliseum to be able to move.

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