They endorse the AN spot that attacks the governments of Morena

▲ The INE –in the image of the electoral session in April– argued that the PAN promotion is only a criticism.Photo Roberto Garcia Ortiz

Fabiola Martinez

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday May 28, 2022, p. 6

The Complaints and Denunciations Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) endorsed the transmission of a PAN spot that affirms that the states in which Morena governs are the most dangerous.

For the three members of this committee, the promotional is only a critical piece.

It is considered that it is facing a possibly harsh criticism and that it could make the denouncing political party uncomfortable, but given the appearance of good law, not (it is) before the imputation of false facts or crimesis exposed in the project approved yesterday.

Therefore, it declared inadmissible the precautionary measure requested by Morena, a party that warned in the promotional, spread in the context of the current proselytizing campaign in Tamaulipas, is slander and disinformation for citizens.

In the ad that is the subject of the complaint, it is heard: “Pay close attention: the states governed by Morena are the most dangerous in the country and where homicides are on the rise (…) Morena’s strategy of hugs, not bullets, failed.”

Also, in this Friday’s session, the commission ordered the withdrawal of a Citizen Movement promotional against Morena’s candidate for the government of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, in which the existence of slander was confirmed.

The foregoing, due to the broadcast of the promotional for television called Goodbye Mataulipas, where images of Villarreal were improperly included to relate him to organized crime, an expression that from a preliminary perspective is an accusation of a crime or false act, and is not protected by freedom of expression.

In another case, the councilors concluded that a promotional campaign for the Together We Make History coalition in Durango, headed by Morena, could cause confusion in the electorate because it only alludes to its candidate for governor of Durango, but only the logo is spread. of one of the members of the coalition, the Green Party.

A little over a week before the elections in six entities of the country, the commission resolved other matters, most of them contrary to what was requested by Morena, both in the elections in question and in Hidalgo.

Meanwhile, the PAN announced that it will file a criminal and electoral complaint against the Morenista candidate in Tamaulipas, for the alleged use of official vehicles of the Chamber of Deputies to support this campaign.

In recent days, said the PAN, activists from other states have arrived in Tamaulipas to destabilize the electoral process on Sunday, June 5.

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