They enable a plan for beneficiaries from 120 to 65 with expired cards to withdraw funds by cashier

The National Bank of Panama, informed the beneficiaries of the 120 to 65 program that their Social Key card has expired, which has established a special program so that they can withdraw their funds through the tellers of all the branches of the banking entity .

The beneficiaries of this conditional cash transfer must go to the branch with their current personal identity card. If you do not have your ID or if it has expired, you should go to an electoral court agency and make your request. With this document you can go to the nearest bank branch.

Bedridden beneficiaries duly registered in MIDES can assign the responsible person to withdraw their funds, with both valid identity cards.

In addition, the entity reported that as of Monday, September 12, the Bank will have social key cards to replace in the event that a beneficiary shows up who has not replaced them in the corresponding month.

To change your card, you must go to a bank branch with your valid ID, if you do not keep it valid, you must carry out the process in the Electoral Court and present your proof of request for a new ID at the branch to be able to replace it. Likewise, registered bedridden patients must send their representative with both valid IDs; if any of the 2 are not in force, they must carry out the due process in the Electoral Court.

Currently, there are some 2,600 beneficiaries whose social key cards have expired and have not been able to replace them. They will be able to do so starting next Monday, September 12.

Also, the bank urged all beneficiaries of social programs to check the expiration date of their social key card. If it is expired, they must go to a Banco Nacional de Panamá branch to make the replacement, starting in October.

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