Murdered girls fought against their attackers who tried to rape them

Murdered girls fought against their attackers who tried to rape them

The 7 and 10-year-old sisters murdered in Ciudad Belén last Friday, September 2, defended themselves from their murderers who tried to rape them after they were kidnapped in the neighborhood. The prosecutor of the Public Ministry reported that one of the girls bit her aggressor when he tried to sexually abuse her.

Alfredo Lara, 19 years old, and the 16-year-old adolescent were accused by the Public Ministry for the crime of aggravated murder and attempted rape; the other defendant, Alison Salgado, was identified as an accomplice in both crimes because she watched while the two subjects committed the crime.

The prosecutor reported that Lara took off the clothing of the girl with initials IJU, 7 years old, with the intention of raping her, but the girl began to cry, then the man beat her and covered her mouth and nose with a rag. minor. He exerted pressure and killed her by mechanical asphyxiation (by suffocation).

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The accusatory libel explains that the teenager tried to rape the 10-year-old girl with initials MJU and, unable to carry out the rape, the subject gave the girl several blows to the mouth, abdomen and pubis. The minor died of severe head trauma, caused by a blunt object. The victim also has green bruises in the pubic region.

“There is physical evidence of human bite print pattern injuries in the process of healing, and in the same way this print was found on the defendant’s back, exactly on the left side of the scapular region, which was the moment that one of the girls in defense proceeded to make a bite, “said the prosecutor of the Public Ministry.

«In this opinion it is proven that there is a comparison of that injury (bite) with the teeth of one of the girls that corresponds to the victim with initials MJU, concluding this doctor that it indeed coincides with the teeth of the minor victim and with the standard footprint found in the scapular region of one of the accused”, describes the opinion post-mortem read by the prosecution as part of the indictment.

Judge Róger Sánchez Báez, head of the First Criminal District Court for Adolescents of Managua, was in charge of the preliminary hearing against the defendants, who were given preventive detention and sent to trial for the death of the two girls. The defendants lived five houses from where the victims lived in Ciudad Belén.

The lifeless bodies of the girls were found in a vacant lot in Ciudad Belén on Monday, September 5. A multicolored cloth mattress, strips of white cloth, a piece of white duplex wire, and body fluid samples were collected as evidence at the site. The crime was committed in the house of the alleged femicides, where a criminal investigation was carried out that revealed the presence of human blood in the living room and one of the bedrooms, indicated the police part.

The victims had three months of having arrived in the capital. The family, of the Miskito ethnic group, is originally from the Walakitang community of Río Coco, in Wiwilí, department of Jinotega, and came to Managua in search of work. The bodies of the girls were transferred to their community with the help of the Nicaraguan Army, according to a press release released by the military body on its social networks.

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