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They discharge alias “Chuo” in Nueva Cúa

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Commissions of the Municipal Police of Rafael Urdaneta (Cúa) in the state of Miranda, discharged a negative leader nicknamed “Chuo”, this Tuesday, in the Sútil sector of the Nueva Cúa parish in the Miranda state.

The police report reveals that the officials were patrolling the aforementioned sector when they ran into a group of armed individuals, including alias “El Chuo.” There was an intense confrontation that required the presence of the Miranda Police, the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and other security agencies.

The plume caused panic among the inhabitants of the sector

The shooting ended with a wounded antisocial, “El Chuo”, who was rescued and taken to the Emergency Room of the Dr. Osío Hospital in Cúa, where he died a few minutes after being admitted.

He responded to the name of Jesús Daniel Ibarra Marrero, negative leader of the criminal gang that kept the residents of Nueva Cúa in anxiety, according to the complaints of the neighbors and the police investigations.

The police asserted that alias El Chuo has an extensive police record for robbery, robbery, homicide and other crimes.

The wounded criminal was taken to the Dr. Osío Hospital in Cúa

The prosecutors of the Public Ministry knew about the procedure

Officer Carlos García, who is assigned to the PoliUrdaneta Motorized Brigade, was also injured in the middle of the shooting. The uniformed man is being held at the La Candelaria de Cúa clinic, where he is undergoing surgery.

The police report details that the security commissions remain active with more than 30 officials in the Nueva Cúa parish.

The agents seek to find the whereabouts of the other members of the gang that has plagued the population of Nueva Cúa for more than 30 years.

The actions are being supported by the brigades of the Bolivarian National Guard; Miranda State Police, Bolivarian National Police and Cicpc.

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