They detain 29 foreign doctors accused of issuing false licenses to Fonasa: amount exceeds $55 billion

The Eastern Metropolitan High Complexity and Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office -after five months of investigation- arrested 25 foreign doctors for issuing false licenses to Fonasa, thus defrauding the State for an amount greater than $55 billion. The arrest was achieved through the search of two medical centers and 32 homes.

Prosecutor Constanza Encina explained that “the arrest warrant was requested for crimes of illicit association, with the aim of issuing fraudulent licenses and to also commit the crime of fraudulently obtaining State subsidies, as well as the crime of money laundering.”

Likewise, he commented that “this investigation began in June of this year with a list made by several public institutions, which say they are related to mass issuing doctors who were seriously affecting the fiscal treasury. This investigation arose from there, and we have the results today and we look forward to sharing all of this background with the court on Thursday.”

For his part, the counselor of the State Defense Council (CDE), Daniel Martorell, pointed out that “joint work with other State institutions, such as Fonasa, Compin and the Public Ministry itself, has enabled us to present 45 criminal complaints for the crime of fraud for the issuance of false medical licenses, estimating to date amounts of more than $55 billion”.

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